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Slurry Pump - Mega Flow

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    ​Product Description

    The Megaflow pump was designed for large farms and contractors. The Megaflow offers dramatic improvements in the mixing process. Trials have shown that the Megaflow can halve the time taken to mix a tank. With ever increasing labour and fuel costs this pump will save both time and money. The Megaflow, which requires 150Hp to drive the 1000 rpm PTO speed will move massive volumes of slurry quickly. Its ability to drive and push slurry through its powerful jetting system and 300 degree nozzle rotation means tanks are mixed with no or minimal movement of the pump. No disconnection of the PTO required when lowering the pump into the tank.


    1. All models galvanised as standard
    2. Streamline piping
    3. Larger gearbox
    4. Quick attach bar
    5. Adjustable depth by 9”
    DescriptionPower RequirementFlow Rate
    Mega flow150 HP4750 G/Min (21,500 litres)

    Key Features

    Three Point Linkage

    The Redrock Slurry Pump, three Point Linkage “Quick Attach” allows easy implement connection. No disconnection of the PTO shaft is required when lowering the slurry pump into the slurry tank.

    Offset Nozzle

    To improve mixing performance, the off set nozzle allows the slurry to be mixed in almost all directions.

    Top Fill Option

    With the top fill option, an incremental divider valve enables precise management of the slurry flow, allowing the user to agitate and top fill simultaneously if required.

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