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Rauch - MDS 18.2

  • MDS 18.2 - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  • MDS 18.2 - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  • MDS 18.2 - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  • MDS 18.2 - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery

​Product Description

The Rauch MDS range is a compact design for increased productivity and efficiency. This compact spreader combines trend-setting technologies in a small space so farmers can achieve its maximum benefits. The MDS range are known for its precise fertiliser spreading, even emptying and precise boundary spreading. Its small compact design means you do not need a high powered machine to operate this brilliant spreader. This allows farmers to spread in compact spaces and tight paddocks. The compact design is convincing due to its easy handling and short centre of gravity distance.

Key Features

One Chamber

The MDS single chamber is perfect for users when working in cropped or small tight areas. By having only one chamber means less cleaning effort. The MDS range is clean again in no time and ready for use again.


The MDS range can cope with any ground profile. The MDS is also good on slopes ensuring fertiliser always stays above the metering opening. This ensures that the fertiliser is applied evenly in the field. This saves time and money for the farmer essential in farming.

Doesn’t Require High Power Outage

The single chamber design allows a very compact design. This means users can spread efficiently with small or old tractors that do not have the same power as some of the modern tractors today. Smaller tractors may suit more tight and compact fields to ensure spreading is done more efficiently.

Multi-Disc System

The MDS has ejection disks which are true all rounders for a wide range of applications. Multi-disc is known for being precise, reliable and convenient when fertilising. There are two disc types M1 and M2 that can covering the working range of 10-24m. The quick release fastener on the ejection discs allows for a very quick calibration test without any issues.


MDS 18.2 KHydraulic single slide actuator system with two single-action cylinders (two single-action valves required)
MDS 18.2 DHydraulic single slide actuator system with two double-action cylinders (two double-action valves required)
MDS 18.2 CElectrical single slide actuator system with E-Click
MDS 18.2 QSpeed-dependent, electronic fertiliser metering, QUANTRON-A