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Massey Ferguson - 5S

  •  5S - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  •  5S - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  •  5S - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  •  5S - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  •  5S - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery

Product Description​

The Massey Ferguson 5S is simply the best in its class between 105 horsepower and 145 horsepower also known as the perfect farmers tractor. The MF 5S Series offers a choice of five models to suit the owners needs. The MF 5S combines economy with high levels of comfort and control along with a wide choice of equipment and options to suit all requirement’s. The 5S Series is designed to tackle all farming challenges and tasks efficiently and economically. For this reason this is why the MFS is the first choice for dairy, livestock and arable farmers.

Key Benefits

The Perfect Loader Partner

The Massey Ferguson 5S Series is known for being the best in its class for visibility. The slim dashboard and narrow steep nose bonnet makes it possible to see everything while operating the loader. The tractor has the choice of three hydraulic systems to provide exceptional pressure, flow and response. Loaders can be factory fitted or can be ordered loader ready if you want to put a different type of loader on it.

Highly Efficient

The Massey Ferguson 5S Series has a AGCO Power, 4 cylinder, 4.4 litre engine which complies with Stage V emission rules. All of the 5S models deliver more power with reduced fuel consumption. It contains an electronic wastegate turbocharger which improves performance and reduces carbon emissions. This helps cut fuel costs and consumption.

Ultimate Comfort

This hard working tractor is highly equipped to keep the user comfortable on a long working day. Customers have the choice of three different specifications essential, efficient, essential panoramic and exclusive. All cabs offer the best visibility on the market from its large glass area and steep nosed bonnet. The new front axle suspension improves comfort in rough terrain. The new Datatronic 5 console provides information to farmers needed to manage and control all the tractors functions.

Highly Equipped

The MF 5S Series is highly equipped so farmers/contractors can work faster. There is a wide choice of hydraulic system delivering flowrates from 58 to 110 litres/min from open-centre or load sensing systems. The newly designed front linkage has lifting capacitates up to 3,000kg with a dedicated control valve and two spool valves. The rear linkage lifts up to 6,000kg allowing farmers/contractors to work with heavy machinery. The MF 5S can safely carry and handle larger loads to operate wider heavier machines at faster speeds.

Available Models

Massey Ferguson 5S Series







MF 5S.105105AGCO Power 4.4L, 4 cylindersDyna-4, Dyna-64406,000
MF 5S.115115AGCO Power 4.4L, 4 cylindersDyna-4, Dyna-64606,000
MF 5S.125125AGCO Power 4.4L, 4 cylindersDyna-4, Dyna-65206,000
MF 5S.135135AGCO Power 4.4L, 4 cylindersDyna-4, Dyna-65406,000
MF 5S.145145AGCO Power 4.4L, 4 cylindersDyna-4, Dyna-65506,000


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