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KUHN - SW 4014 - Wrapper

  •  SW 4014 - Wrapper - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  •  SW 4014 - Wrapper - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  •  SW 4014 - Wrapper - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery

Product Description

The KUHN SW 4014 is a hybrid bale wrapper that can wrap large square bales, 80x50-130 cm, up to 200 cm in length, and round bales up to 150 cm in diameter. The versatile wrapper provides fast, cost efficient and operator-friendly wrapping. The laser-guided, patented AUTOLOAD function detects, loads, wraps and unloads bales automatically, creating a more ergonomic and stress-free working environment.

The SW 4014 features a solid design and a hydraulic sliding frame that allows unique drive-through operation. This provides the ability to widen the wrapper for easy bale loading, outstanding stability and unmatched visibility of the wrapping process. The AUTOSWITCH function enables the wrapper to fold from transport position into field position with a single touch of a button on the ISOBUS terminal. ISOBUS, combined with KUHN’s INTELLIWRAP system provides excellent distribution of the film applied around each bale with further film savings.

Key Features

Hydraulic Sliding Frame

Hydraulic sliding frame allows a unique “drive through” operation.

  • Transport width of 2,5 m
  • Operational width of 4 m
  • Easy bale loading
  • Outstanding stability due to extreme wide track
  • Excellent visibility of the wrapping process
Bale Handling

Gentle bale pick up without the risk of soil contamination

  • Two pairs of steel rollers are driven and lifted via centrally placed gearboxes
  • Very low maintenance required
  • No risk for soil contamination and shredding of the bale as with a conveyor system
  • Shorter top rollers allow the film roll holders to be positioned as low as possible
  • Film is wrapped closer to the center of the bale
  • No film wrinkling, resulting in a optimum oxygen barrier for excellent silage quality
Wrapping - All Bale Sizes

Wrapping large square, medium square and round bales

  • Maximum bale weight up to 1500 kg
  • Bale length up to 200cm
  • Round bales up to 140 cm in diameter without any optional equipment or mechanical adjustments
  • Predefined bale dimensions can easily be selected via the terminal

Autoload detects approaching square- and round bales, automatically scans the length of the bale and set the loading arms into pre-load position, resulting in high accurate loading, wrapping and unloading of the bale on the go.

  • Increase capacity due to autoload
  • Create a more ergonomic and less stressful working
  • Loading without stopping results in fuel saving
  • Square bale length must be between 0,75 and 2 m
  • Driving speed must be constant and between 0.5 and 4 km/h during scanning and loading
  • A laser sensor is placed inside the top cover at the front side of the machine and is used to detect approaching bales
  • A wheel sensor is placed on the left wheel and is used to measure the speed and distance towards the bale

Intelliwrap uses sophisticated electronics and hydraulics to monitor the wrapping process and continuously controls the film overlap, allowing total flexibility.

  • 3D wrapping (Balepack)
  • Applying odd number of layers
  • Adjustable film overlap
  • User friendly wrapping interface

ISOBUS controlled

CCI 50 – Full ISOBUS compatible
CCI 1200 – Full ISOBUS compatible