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  • KUHN FBP 3135 - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  • KUHN FBP 3135 - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  • KUHN FBP 3135 - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  • KUHN FBP 3135 - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery

​Product Description

Two technologies from KUHN are combined to create the FBP 3135 fixed chamber Balepack. This baler-wrapper combination begins with a standard FB 3135 fixed chamber baler with an OPTICUT INTEGRAL ROTOR merged with an innovative wrapping system.

The KUHN FBP 3135 offers you high-quality bales at the lowest costs. The film consumption is reduced by 30% thanks to the unique patented KUHN TWIN-reel film binding system. A perfect bale seal for high-quality bale conservation is created when combining film binding with both 3D wrapping and INTELLIWRAP. The redesigned bale chamber consists of 18 POWERTRACK rollers which generate exceptionally high densities and reliable bale rotation in all crop conditions.

Operator comfort and maximum control are guaranteed using the PROCESS VIEW user interface on the ISOBUS controller.

Key Features

Crop Intake

KUHN OPTICUT (OC) cutting rotors are designed for unlimited intake capacity and excellent cutting quality. OC cutting rotors, with elliptical-shaped rotor tines, are acknowledged by users as one of the best cutting systems on the market. The silage is guided and drawn down to the knives from an early stage which improves flow and cutting performance while requiring minimal force - this also prevents unwanted blockages.

Opticut 14

The INTEGRAL ROTOR, with the 14-knife OPTICUT system, is designed to even out the swath and force-feed the crop into the baler for maximum throughput. The 14-knife OPTICUT cutting system provides a theoretical cutting length of 70 mm. Each single knife is spring-protected against damage from foreign objects. With GROUP SELECTION (FB 3135), the operator can choose to have 0, 4, 7, 7 or 14 knives in operation.


The INTEGRAL ROTOR, with the 23-knife OPTICUT system, has the benefits of intensive cutting and mechanical protection. The 23-knife OPTICUT system provides a theoretical cutting length of 45 mm. Each single knife is spring-protected against damage from foreign objects. With GROUP SELECTION (FB 3135), the operator can choose to have 0, 7, 11, 12 or 23 knives in operation.

Automatic Rotor Deblock System

The baler’s overload protection clutch activates whenever the baler’s intake gets obstructed by the amount of crop to be fed in. The DROPFLOOR automatically lowers and the knives are retracted. The operator is informed about the ongoing process via the terminal. After the PTO is re-engaged, the rotor restarts and the crop is guided unobstructed into the bale chamber, the DROPFLOOR and knives automatically return to their position.

Net & Film Binding

The net binder with active stretch technology ensures a firm bale shape with constant high net tension throughout the entire binding cycle. The net is fed into the front of the bale chamber to ensure it is taken by the bale immediately. KUHN’s innovative design maintains constant net tension during the binding process. The net wrap system runs at a lower speed than the bale’s rotational speed to be able to consistently stretch the net up to 10% without breaking it. The pre-streched net results in a bale that will hold density. The net binding system spreads the net to the corners of the bale to prevent air pockets once the bale is wrapped, which will preserve the forage quality for longer.

Since the introduction of KUHN-reel film binding on the i-BIO+ in 2015, farmers all over the world have experienced the advantages of this unique system on their farms. Now, we also offer the film binding option on all FBP and BP models. What makes this KUHN solution unique and therefore the right choice for your baling operation. We understand that there is only a short harvest window and little time to make the highest quality silage. This requires a machine which is fast, reliable, versatile and where quality is the first priority.


The INTELLIWRAP technology uses sophisticated electronics and hydraulics to monitor the wrapping process and continuously control the film overlap, allowing complete flexibility. For the best conservation and fermentation of your valuable crop, wrapping the bale is crucial in this process. Depending on personal preferences, crop conditions and the storage periods.


KUHN’s 3D wrapping is an intelligent and innovative way of applying stretch film to round bales. It distributes the total film quantity more uniformly and efficiently across the entire surface of the bale. 3D wrapping will first apply the film where it is most needed: the vulnerable bale shoulders. The cylindrical wrap ensures the more air is excluded and that the bale retains its shape, even after long storage periods. Use of INTELLIWRAP, 3D wrapping and film binding provides well-shaped, tightly sealed bales that will maintain silage quality over long storage periods.


All processes are displayed on the ISOBUS terminal, as an example, the FBP show the intake (AUTO DEBLOCK) and the binding as separate processes. When the process is marked green, it is executed. When the process is marked red, an issue occurred and the operator is informed acoustically and visually.


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