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KUHN - FB 3135

  • FB 3135 - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  • FB 3135 - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery

Product Description

The Kuhn FB 3135 is at the top of its league in the FB 3100 series. The FB310 is designed to work in the heaviest conditions across the world. This fixed chamber round baler is developed with the latest product innovations to ensure farmers and contractors worldwide get the maximum benefits. At Cork Farm Machinery all our balers are fitted with a 23-knife OPTICUT cutting rotor. Different cutting rotors can be ordered but only by special order. The 3135 has 18 POWERTRACK rollers provide exceptionally high density and reliable bale rotation in all sorts of crop conditions. The FB 3135 has some extra features comparing to its sister the 3130. The 3135 has a film binding extra, automatic tailgate opening, automatic rotor deblock system and fully automatic knife cleaning.

Key Features

Optimal Pick-Up

The FB Series contains a wide cam-track pick up unit on models with rotor intake provides maximum ground adaption when combined with its pendulum capabilities enabling it to work in the toughest conditions. The FB Series pickup can be positioned in two different positions:

1. Fixed Position - Pick-up cannot pivot

2. Pendulum Position - Pick-up can pivot (better for rough ground)

Active Stretch Technology

The net or film binder with active stretch technology ensures a firm bale shape with constant net tension throughout the binding cycle. The net or film is fed into the front of the baler chamber to ensure it is taken by the bale immediately. A second net roll storage enables the operator to carry a sufficient net supply for a long working day. Changing net roll is easily done while standing safely on the ground.

KUHN’s innovative design maintains constant net tension during the binding process. The pre-streched net results in a bale that will hold it density and shape. The binding system spreads the net to the corners of the bale to prevent air pockets once the bale is wrapped, which helps preserve the bale for longer.

Intake System

The FB 3135 is equipped with our INTEGRAL ROTOR Technology. This simple, maintenance-free intake system guarantees enormous throughput capacity at all times. The forced-fed intake results in a higher forward speed for outstanding productivity and less crop damage. This system helps with less wear of parts and less maintenance.

Bale Chamber

The chamber consists of 18 power track rollers (3,2 mm thick) – has the ability to hold a higher capacity and produce a higher density bale. Heavy oversized roller bearings guarantee trouble free baling in heavy conditions. This leads to the perfect bale formation.


VT 59 - 14.5 cm terminal with a 14.5 cm screen. Adjustments are easily made by using the touch screen

Extra Features

Automate - Fully automatic tailgate - while net or film binding is being applied, visual and acoustic signals on the baler are activated. This opens the tailgate automatically and releases the bale without the driver doing anything.

Automatic rotor deblock system - The dropfloor automatically lowers retracting the knives whenever the intake gets obstructed. The driver is informed about this via his terminal.

Automatic knife cleaning - OPTICUT knives are automatically cleaned after a certain amount of bales. This helps keep the knife slots clean for easier removal of knifes at the end of the day.