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Rauch - AXIS M 20.2

  • AXIS M 20.2 - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  • AXIS M 20.2 - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  • AXIS M 20.2 - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  • AXIS M 20.2 - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery

​Product Description

The AXIS M 20.2 is a compact and professional two-disk fertiliser spreader. The AXIS M 20.2 offers professional spreading technology needed by farmers to get the most from their land. The low filling height makes it very easy and safe to dump fertiliser into the spreader chamber. The AXIS M 20.2 has a working width of 12 - 36 metres and a load capacity of 2,300kg.

Key Features


Distinguished for its reliable functionality, simplicity and ease of cleaning after use. The M-Drive transmission operates in an oil bath protected from fertiliser, dust, dirt, moisture and mechanical damage. They tend to be maintenance free once its taken care of. The slow running fertiliser friendly agitators are also maintenance free for years once taken care of. The AXIS M-DRIVE features overload protection system that protects all the gears, the agitators, overload caused by jams, etc.

EMC Automatic Metering System

This innovative system controls the spreading volume. This automatic metering system controls and measures the flow of fertiliser separately at the left and right hand sides of the chamber. The EMC system is very precise with very fast reaction times. This one of the best features on the AXIS spreaders and a favorite feature for farmers and contractors. It helps them spread expensive fertiliser precisely without wasting any.

AXIS Drop Point Adjustment

Adjustment is made very easy on the AXIS. The adjustment can be made depending on the working width the farmer wants. This is done by rotating the hopper floor. This can be done manually by the farmer No tools are required to make this adjustment. A simple handle will set the working width you want. Manual drop point adjustment in integrated into all AXIS 20 models as standard.


AXIS M 20.2 KHydraulic single slide actuator system with two single-acting cylinders
AXIS M 20.2 Dwith double-acting hydraulic slide actuators
AXIS M 20.2 Cwith electric metering slides with E-Click
AXIS M 20.2 Qwith QUANTRON-A speed-dependent, electronic fertiliser metering