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Massey Ferguson - 6700 S

  • 6700 S - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  • 6700 S - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery
  • 6700 S - farm-machinery - Cork Farm Machinery

Product Description

The New MF 6700 S blends all the benefits of a four-cylinder machine with the pulling, pushing and lifting power to match a comparable six-cylinder tractor.

The result is a tractor that combines concentrated energy and power density, suiting perfectly the needs of those seeking a machine with compact dimensions, yet with the carrying and power capacity at each end to lift and drive the very latest implements.

Key Features

Engine Performance

The MF 6700 S series has a four cylinder, 4.4 litre AGCO power engine. This tractor can receive 20 horsepower with EPM when it needs it the most. This engine consists of the SCR system which helps cut ownership cost and improves visibility.

Advanced Technology

The 6700 S contains the new Datatronic 5 touch-screen terminal. This terminal is user friendly and very easy to learn. The Datatronic touch-screen terminal makes it possible to farm to perfection telling the farmer/contractor where they should drive while spreading fertilizer or spraying, etc.


The 6700 S consists of the Dyna-6 super eco transmission which is a lot more productive while using less fuel. The Dyna-VT transmission is precise, smooth and very easy to use. The 6700 S cab has all the features to get your done quicker and more precisely. The 6700 consists of 16 LED lights allowing farmers/contractors to work in all conditions.

Available Models

Massey Ferguson 6700 S Series







MF 6713 S135All-in-One Stage VDyna-6, Dyna-VT6489,600
MF 6714 S145All-in-One Stage VDyna-6, Dyna-VT6919,600
MF 6715 S155All-in-One Stage VDyna-6, Dyna-VT7459,600
MF 6716 S165All-in-One Stage VDyna-6, Dyna-VT7909,600
MF 6718 S180All-in-One Stage VDyna-6, Dyna-VT8459,600


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